Social Media
for Events
and Out-of-Home.

Talkloud is an Instagram*
and Twitter feed aggregator
that can be deployed on outdoor
LED Billboards and regular
TV displays inside your stores
or event venues.

Through Talkloud, the conversation between your brand and your customers happens everywhere, both online and offline!

Take control of Talkloud!
Each deployment is packaged
with a filtering system that allows you to choose what appears
and what doesn't on your Talkloud display in real-time.
Talkloud gathers real-time tweets and Instagram photos from real people! Based on a study
by ComScore, 83% of people
find it easier to relate to user-generated content as compared
to packaged material.
Talkloud is unique! Use any brand-specified #hashtag and change
the way Talkloud looks to fit
your brand's identity.